Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HUGE mug-a-coffee!!!

Okay..not sure on the size of this thing, but I just filled a canister with coffee and I am now proceeding to drink it. Hopefully this will not make me too jittery for my next two classes, but in all honesty it probably will.

Yoshi and I spent last night playing tennis and discussing philosophy. Oh, how I have always loved philosophy. In my younger years I devoted entire blogs to the subject, but alas, I am now what they call a "closet philosopher". Who knows? Maybe I will resurrect the notion here on this little bloggy. After all, isn't the "art of living" a philosophy in itself? Let's see what I can do...

If you haven't checked out my new business website by now, you really should! Just click here!
I make cute food jewelry out of polymer :)

Here's one of my handmade necklaces I wore today. It's so fun to wear these things because you always get questioned about them- they're just so different! :) Anyways, here's two pics of my Neapolitan Ice Cream Cone necklace:
It also comes as a little cell phone or camera charm too!

Toodles everyone!