Thursday, August 4, 2011

Backwards updates! And a Knitty Knip :3

I call this post a backwards update because I am posting about a small little something, while neglecting to post about a very big something that already happened.

The very big something is: *drumroll please* I GOT MARRIED!!!

But that's been put all over facebook so I don't feel like making a blog post on it! Tee hee! Sorry I know I'm lazy.

Rather, there is another event that is taking precedence in my life right now: I just knit my first "thing"!

Yes that's right, I knit a little catnip-filled mouse for my familiar Ambrosia. It's her new best friend- she can't stop playing with it!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm making my own wedding cake toppers :)

So right now I'm being the epitome of laziness- sitting in my pajamas at noon and tinkering around with some tiny sculpey bodies. I'm making my wedding cake toppers! These babies are inspired by our Chibi save the dates we sent out several months ago. So far I've got the head and shoulders of me completed, and the head of Yoshi completed. Btw, did I tell you our cake is going to be awesome!? I can't wait to post pictures.