Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HUGE mug-a-coffee!!!

Okay..not sure on the size of this thing, but I just filled a canister with coffee and I am now proceeding to drink it. Hopefully this will not make me too jittery for my next two classes, but in all honesty it probably will.

Yoshi and I spent last night playing tennis and discussing philosophy. Oh, how I have always loved philosophy. In my younger years I devoted entire blogs to the subject, but alas, I am now what they call a "closet philosopher". Who knows? Maybe I will resurrect the notion here on this little bloggy. After all, isn't the "art of living" a philosophy in itself? Let's see what I can do...

If you haven't checked out my new business website by now, you really should! Just click here!
I make cute food jewelry out of polymer :)

Here's one of my handmade necklaces I wore today. It's so fun to wear these things because you always get questioned about them- they're just so different! :) Anyways, here's two pics of my Neapolitan Ice Cream Cone necklace:
It also comes as a little cell phone or camera charm too!

Toodles everyone!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School and sales

Hey everyone! Since I haven't updated in a while I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm back in school and that I've started up my business finally! Here's my website:
Right now I'm specializing in kawaii food jewelry and charms! I've got a nice catalog on my webby. :)

Speaking of kawaii, check out the super cute Ebi Sushi Charm I made myself for my USB flash drive!!

You can have one too, just ask! I make them into earrings and necklaces as well. :)

Hope everyone is looking forward to a happy fall! I know I am.


Texas Day 6

Thursday- Breakfast at Aunt Ruby's- chocolate gravy with biscuits, eggs, and bacon. Skating sucked at first- tons of kids scattered like mines in a minefield. One tripped me then laughed about it (annoying). One by one the kids left and I got the owner to play 1920's Big Band music. It was so fun and happy. Then we had fuddrucker's! (Weinerschnitzel for lunch) Afterwards Yosh and I watched anime (MAR to be exact). We're having a Krispy Kreme donut off the hotlight for the first time tonight (sadly this did not happen). Tomorrow we leave for Abilene!

Texas Day 5

Woke up around 10:30 am and went to Red Lobster with the whole family. They really liked me! Going skating tomorrow and looking forward to some Amish friendship bread. Yoshi and I got into a huge fight and Mimi and Aunt Ruby worked everything out perfectly! By the end of the night we made up.

Texas Day 4

Tuesday- Nothing but trampoline and an excess of food. At night I noticed flashes of light from my window. I opened the blinds to see that it was lightning, too far away for me to even hear. It lit up the clouds in blue and purple with a white glow. I stayed up just watching and fell asleep that way. It was soothing, to say the least.

Texas Day 3

Yoshi and I decide to skip out on going to the lake with everyone and sleep in at Darla's. We had a restful day visiting the massive Barnes & Noble, Lubbock Mall, and enjoying my first Whataburger, Whatadrink, and Whatafries. Everyone is so friendly here! I noticed that in Texas, everyone loves Texas, but in Tennessee everyone is so pissed. Later that day Yosh taught me some daring tricks on the trampoline ( I was very scared but I did it and I am so proud), and PawPaw (yet again adopted) took us out to Hong Kong Buffet! Delish! Stayed up late drawing a cute pin-up elf girl (I gave it to Yoshi but I need to get it back so I can post it here- its really cute) and chatting with Yosh.