Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Texas Day 3

Yoshi and I decide to skip out on going to the lake with everyone and sleep in at Darla's. We had a restful day visiting the massive Barnes & Noble, Lubbock Mall, and enjoying my first Whataburger, Whatadrink, and Whatafries. Everyone is so friendly here! I noticed that in Texas, everyone loves Texas, but in Tennessee everyone is so pissed. Later that day Yosh taught me some daring tricks on the trampoline ( I was very scared but I did it and I am so proud), and PawPaw (yet again adopted) took us out to Hong Kong Buffet! Delish! Stayed up late drawing a cute pin-up elf girl (I gave it to Yoshi but I need to get it back so I can post it here- its really cute) and chatting with Yosh.