Saturday, June 26, 2010

Texas Day 2

Wake up early and go to flea market. There was quite a racial difference here in Texas rather than in Tennessee. More Mexican folks and Asians than African-American. It was enjoyable to experience the different mix of cultures at the flea market. I also got a 5-pack of colorful bras for just 15 bucks! Then we went to the peddler's market at the civic center. I must have been adopted into the family because Josh's grandma, "Mimi", bought me nearly $200 dollars worth of clothes and good things. I have a new grandma! The new clothes I got were possibly the nicest, finest things I have ever owned for myself. I saw Bree again, we played Apples to Apples with the family (my first time) and I won every game!

Texas Family Reunion Day 1

Yoshi's family invited me to tag along on their annual Texas reunion. Super exciting! So like any good blogger, I documented the trip day by day! Here we go!

Day 1, arrival in Lubbock, Texas

Arrival after 14 hour travel. I fill up my water bottle and realize the water tastes like blood. This makes me slightly sick and for the rest of the trip I must now drink bottled water. I meet Bree and various other cousins. We are staying with Yoshi's aunt and uncle and her three boys.