Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My new favorite meal!

Call me weird. But I think I'm on to something with this.

You know how sushi originated from bits of fish being "accidentally" mixed with rice?

Well I have concocted some type of sushi 2.0 with fruit (no fish involved with this mixture, don't start to get grossed out), brown rice, and vanilla soy milk.

For some reason I find this mixture so delicious and good! It eats like cold cereal with the warmth and creamy texture of oatmeal. It might be a bland for some (because I don't add sugar to anything if I can help it), but I find that the vanilla soy milk adds just the right amount of sweetness. Here's what I do if any of you brave souls would like to try it:

1. cook some boil-in-bag brown rice in the microwave for 10 minutes
2. While the rice is still hot, add some fresh blueberries and mix in.
3. Then pour some vanilla soy milk over the rice like cereal.

optional: heat everything up again so the milk will be warm.

To me this tastes like a blueberry muffin. I bet it would be wonderful with some whole grain oats.