Friday, March 12, 2010

Cruise Control

So right now I'm at Yoshi's place. We're installing cruise control in his awesome Honda Del Sol (it's a two seater, and I hold the coveted second seat right next to my dearest). If you cannot tell by the post, it's very late. Why this sacrifice, you ask? Well, its because next month we're taking a trip to Florida to visit his childhood friend and stay with his family. Cruise control will make that loong journey so much easier. Haha. I'm stoked about going to Florida with my Yoshi! It will be our first "official" vacation together!
My spring break is nearing the end, and soon I will be back in college life once more. Thankfully I've already finished preparing for the creative writing presentation that's due first day back Monday!

Gossip Girl
(hah! just kidding, I HATE that show)