Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Morning and Happy New Year

We at Abstract Energy Studios wish you a wonderful start to the new year!

Why not start it off with some refreshing graphics for your company?

I heard a strange thing on the radio today. I don't go for astrology (the Myers-Briggs personality test is more telling than any horoscope will ever be. I'm an INFP, by the way.), but as I was driving in to the office they had a lady come on who was the expert on how the stars and planets deal with our well being here on earth.

Did you have a turbulent 2013? I sure did. I think this lady mentioned something about a Southern Cross or whatnot, but the planets have been acting and aligning a certain way that has caused great disturbances in the force. This deal started in 2008 (stock market crash, anyone?), and will continue until 2015. Hmm, not too hopeful, but she says the worst is behind us as we enter into an age of Aquarius (all I can thing of is that one 60's song- was it the age of Aquarius then? I wouldn't mind a resurgence of Woodstock haha).

All of this turbulence since 2008 (the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, etc.), was necessary to bring all of society into a higher state of consciousness. Sounds pretty goofy, but I do believe that all of this craziness that has been going on lately will be leading up to something positive even though I don't put my hopes into star systems.

I met my husband in 2008, and in turn Abstract Energy was formed at that time. We sure did have some tough times, and some great ones as well. I do like the idea of 2014 being more easy-going than 2013, and I love the idea of change because it tends to get rid of things that suck (if not that, it does keep my interest!).

Stay positive you guys!

Till later,